Proofreading to Perfection



What you’ll learn

  • Create a proofreading routine that catches goofs

  • Learn techniques for proofreading used by busy editors and professional writers

  • Take practice tests (with answers provided) to gauge progress

If you have a reasonable grasp of English but keep getting caught with bloopers on your blog or in your newsletter, or if you’ve been tasked with proofreading other people’s work and don’t know good systems for doing so, this course is for you.

Learn the best methods for finding and fixing mistakes, which writing situations tend to trip up proofreaders the most, tools that you should and shouldn’t use to get the words and punctuation right, and ways to get better and better at producing error-free text.

A diagnostic test at the outset helps you identify your proofreading weaknesses, and two practice tests at the end give you the chance to try out your new skills and see how well you did.

“Proofreading sometimes gets dismissed as a lower-level task that’s not that exciting. But the Proofreading Hacks course makes it clear how important proofreading is in the writing process — and does so in an entertaining way.” – Liz Willis, Writer, Editor and Blogger, Minneapolis, MN

This on-demand video course respects your time by being practical and concise, yet includes handouts and resources that give it lasting value.

The instructor, Marcia Yudkin, has coached writers and business owners for decades. She has had her own work proofread (and occasionally mangled) by professionals at top American book publishers and magazines. She also worked as a freelance editor and advisor for a small press for many years.

Who this course is for:

  • Bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, marketers
  • Anyone who writes

Marketing Coach, Introvert Advocate, Avid Traveler

Marketing coach Marcia Yudkin is the author of 17 traditionally published books, including 6 Steps to Free Publicity, now in its third edition, and dozens of ebooks and multimedia courses. She has delivered commentaries on National Public Radio and been featured in the Wall St. Journal, Entrepreneur and scores of newspapers all over the world. Her unconventional yet practical marketing advice suits introverts and rebels who hate the “musts” nearly everyone spouts. (For instance, she does not blog.) She runs her information empire part of the year from Maui and the rest of the year from the woods of Western Massachusetts.

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