Arduino Interfacing with Sensors in Your Smartphone


What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Introduction to Smartphone Sensors
  • Create Your Own Mobile Application without any Coding experience
  • Reading your Smartphone sensors data to test and prototype your Arduino projects
  • Establishing communication through USB connection
  • Serial Communication between Arduino and Smartphones
  • Writing proper codes to collect readings from different sensors available in Smartphones


  • Computer/Laptop
  • All Softwares needed for this course are provided during the lecture


Detectors are one of the critical stuff when it comes to making Embedded Systems projects. Most sensors wanted for testing aren’t accessible locally or take too long to transport from an online shop.

Smartphones have most of the fundamental detectors like proximity, accelerometer, light, magnetometer, gyroscope,etc. embedded and we can in actually use these detectors in our Arduino systems. These can be smoothly applied for quick prototyping.


So In this Course, I’ll show you how these detectors can be utilized to talk to Arduino.

7 hours on- demand video| 14 sections| 71 lectures| 8 papers| 6 downloadable coffers| Bonuses

We are going to learn how the sensors in your android smartphone can conduct with your Arduino. In ultramodern smartphones, there are a lot of useful detectors for an ingenious Arduino design. Some of the available detectors

Light detector

Propinquity detector

GPS ( supported GPS)

Compass/ magnetometer


Orientation detector

In this course, you’ll learn the following

.The Idea of the project.

How to fabricate a Mobile App without Coding

How to apply Serial Communication

How to use MIT app innovator

How to write Arduino code to pick up data from Mobile Sensors

How to fabricate Physical connections

What’s a Proximity Sensor? And how to utilize it?

What’s Light Sensor? And how to utilize it?

What’s Accelerometer? And how to utilize it?

What’s Gyroscope? And how to utilize it?

What’s Magnetometer? And how to utilize it?

At the end of this course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of our assignments and get to experience creating your veritably own application and employ mobile detectors to test your coming Arduino project.

What makes us suitable to educate you?

We’re an educational engineering crew with 13 years of experience with both tutoring and factual projects. Since 2007, we’re in the programming andmicro-controlling business. We do our best to produce courses that are easy to understand and follow. Furthermore, we’re glad to educate aspiring learners like you. We hope to make further people inspired to pursue this career.

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Lagniappes that you’ll get when you join today!

Make Android App With Zero Experience MIT App Inventor

Android Apps for Arduino with MIT App Inventor without encrypting

Read Any Analog Sensor using Arduino

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to Create Your Own Mobile Application without any Coding experience
  • Anyone who wants to unleash smartphone power by interfacing smartphone sensors with Arduino
  • Anyone who is looking for an easy way to test magnetometers, biometrics, accelerometers and other sensors without having to buy them
  • Anyone who wants develop competency in the area of Arduino and Sensors Interfacing
  • Professionals working in the Embedded Systems Industry
  • Engineering Students
  • Researchers
  • Teaching professionals


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