Basic Neuroscience of Autism


What you’ll learn

  • basic understanding of autism
  • key brain systems implicated in autism
  • the neuroscience behind sensory processing issues
  • the neurobiology of safety, compassion and ‘social’ brain in autism support
  • links between autism, attachment issues and trauma
  • opportunity to connect with like-minded attendees and hear what is working for them
  • links between autism and inflammation-based conditions
  • connections between autism and comorbidities such as; anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and depression


  • Everyone interested in the subject is welcome


Suitable for autistic individuals and interested others who want to learn more about the neurobiology of autism; such as, social workers, students, TAs, OTs, SENCOs, teachers, parents, carers, therapists & other professionals who are interested in the neuroscience and biochemistry of autism and ways to better help and support autistic individuals.

“Thank you for such an enthralling evening. I have been studying and working with individuals with autism for the last fifteen years and it was a pleasure to listen to a complex condition delivered in a manageable and informative way.” Mrs M J Bailey


“I am a mum of 6 children 3 of which are autistic, your course has helped me a lot tonight, what instantly jumped out at me was the information of different pregnancy, my 3 autistic children each had growth issues during my pregnancies. The information on mirroring jumped out also, we have recently started copying and joining in with our 3 year old who is autistic and non verbal, we jump up and down with him when he is excited, we join in lining cars up, and when he feels things like grass and bark on trees since doing so we have noticed he has began to copy our behaviours.” Lindsey R

“Good overall and very informative. Helped me understand what is going on behind the behaviour of autism. Thank you for the course – it was a brilliant tool as always.” Nicola-Jane F.

Who this course is for:

  • autistic individuals, parents, care givers, therapists, teachers, mental health professionals and interested individuals


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Author: Ho Quang Dai

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