Biology – Nutrition, Respiration, Circulatory, Excretion


This Biology Course on LIFE-NUTRITION, RESPIRATION, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, EXCRETION is an intermediary class course designed from the perspective of education & learning. This course covers the general syllabus related to the topic Life -Nutrition, Respiration, Circulatory system, Excretion.

This course provides deep knowledge & conceptual understanding in life processes in plants and animals like Nutrition, Respiration, transportation, circulatory system, excretion . This also makes us learn about life processes in living bodies including all kind of animals and plants with experiments  .


Further it provide concept molecular movement of life, single celled and multi- cellular organisms, autotrophic (photosynthesis)and heterotrophic (uni and multi-cellular organisms ) nutrition.

It provide deep understanding about the role of every organ which is a part of human digestive system

It helps to understand Respiration process includes – Breakdown of glucose by various pathways, Different types of respiration (Aerobic/Anaerobic) , Human respiratory system, Mechanism of breathing, Respiration in Plants

It also helps in provide knowledge about Transportation in Human Beings and plants – like, structure and function of blood, blood vessels & heart, transportation of water, minerals and food in plants and many more

It also give good understanding about the Enzymes and their role, Organic and Inorganic food sources and about energy currency (ATP) as well

It also includes Quiz with each section of course for better understanding and clear all doubts related to topic.

Here , you also get various practical lab projects, activities & experiments belongs to different sections of this course to encourage practical learning and  familiarizes you with tools and equipment that you will be required to use..

Topics included in this course are:

  • Definition of Alive
  • Molecular movement for life
  • Life Process Introduction [explain with example & use images]
  • Single Cell & Multi-Cell Organisms
  • Kinds of Life Processes
  • Define Nutrition
  • Mode of Nutrition
  • Types of Nutritional Processes [Autotrophic, Heterotrophic]
  • Define Autotrophs
  • Define Photosynthesis [Autotrophic Nutritional Process]
  • Requirements for Photosynthesis
  • Site of Photosynthesis [Structure of Leaf]
  • Process of Photosynthesis
  • Stomata [Introduction, Structure & Function]
  • Forms of Nutrition [Stationary source and Mobile Source]
  • Strategies of food consumption [Applied by fungi, human, parasites, mammals]
  • Nutrition in Unicellular Organisms
  • Nutrition in Multi-cellular Organisms
  • Role of Human Digestive System Organs
  • Enzymes used in Human Digestion Process
  • Breakdown of glucose by various pathways
  • Different types of respiration (Aerobic/Anaerobic)
  • Human respiratory system
  • Mechanism of breathing
  • Respiration in Plants
  • Circulatory system in human beings
  • Our pump- the Heart [Structure and function]
  • Blood Circulation in Human Beings
  • Kinds of Blood Circulation (Direction of blood flow in human heat and double circulation in fishes )
  • Composition of Blood
  • Lymph
  • Blood Vessels [Arteries and Veins]
  • Blood Pressure
  • Transportation of Water in plants
  • Transportation of Food in plants
  • Transpiration and its function
  • Excretion System in Human Beings
  • Excretory Wastes
  • Three steps of Urine formation
  • Formation of Urine in Human Being
  • Nephron [Structure and function]
  • Excretion in Plants
  • Enzyme
  • Organic and Inorganic food source
  • ATP – Adenosine triphosphate

This course can be enrolled for:

  • Beginner & Intermediate Learning
  • Board exam preparation
  • Competitive exam (like NEET, IIT) preparation
  • National & International Olympiads
  • Preparing international levels AQA, OCR, GCSC (I & II)
  • Any candidate interested in learning (no prerequisite knowledge required)

Who this course is for:

  • Any Candidate Interested in Science
  • Beginner & Intermediate for Life processes like Nutrition, respiration, transportation, circulation, excretion
  • Board Exam & Competitive Exam (like NEET, IIT) Preparation
  • National & International Olympiads Preparation

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