Build Online Multiplayer 2D RPG Game With Unity And Photon



What you’ll learn

  • Learn C#,a modern Programming Language

  • Understanding the capabilities in 2D development in Unity

  • Gain an understanding of the game developement progress

  • Gain understanding of Multiplayer game function

Welcome to the Course!

you will learn how to create Tilemap

We are going to be creating a multiplayer RPG inside of Unity, using Photon.

Photon Unity Networking is a popular networking framework for Unity.

We will be creating a player controller, allowing you to move around and attack enemies.

Pickups will grant the player either gold or health.

There will be a chat box, allowing players to talk to each other.

We’ll be making a lobby system, allowing players to find games to connect up with each other.

This will be done using Unity’s UI system.

Let’s have a look at what we learned and made.

We learned how to use Photon inside of Unity We created a player controller which can move, attack, get gold and heal Pickups which can give the player health or gold A chat box which can allow players to talk to each other A lobby system for players to team up together before entering the game This was all done using Unity’s UI system.

this course has been designed to be easy understanding to everyone so whether you are beginner or advance  programmer

Let’s get started  on the project today level up your skill with this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner

hello guys   i work as unity developer as a Designer and Producer,creating games for Console,Mobile;PC,Facebook.and now i want to share my knowledge with you guys.i  I helped lots of people to achieve their dream of making games developers and as valuable game industry employees.After taking my course you are able to make your own games and improve your talent to create amazing indie Games

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