Build Tic Tac Toe App using Kotlin Language


Learn how to make  Tic-Tac-Toe using Kotlin Language. A step by step process is used to show everything from structure  setup to building up the code .

Gain a good understanding of the following concepts:

  1. Kotlin Basics
  2. Intents and Layouts
  3. View Binding
  4. Android Development

What is Kotlin?

It is an open-source statically typed programming language designed by JetBrains. Yep, the same guys who created IntelliJ IDEA. You may say “IntelliJ is the best IDE for JAVA, those people know how to do the stuff, this Kotlin might be a really good tool” – and you are right! I mean, if you like JAVA and think it is a cool language then Kotlin is even cooler. Why? I will show you later.

Kotlin is object-oriented and supports functional programming features. It is designed for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). What does that mean? That is fully compatible with JAVA. Actually, to be honest, Kotlin is Java with some extra pieces of stuff. What does that mean? Those languages can be used in parallel in the same project. For example, you can easily use JAVA libraries in Kotlin’s project, but Kotlin gives you more out of the box. It is focused on interoperability, safety, clarity, and tooling support. You can use it to a code Back-end server, Andriod Apps or even iOS app using Kotlin Native. Another interesting fact is that you can compile Kotlin to JavaScript.

OK, that sounds good, but why is it better than JAVA?

The first argument which comes to my mind is Kotlin’s syntax. When working with Kotlin, we can reduce the code by a lot of lines. Such code will be more transparent and easy to understand. JAVA is a really nice language, but as the project expands, the number of code lines increases logarithmically. Eventually, you will need a significant amount of time to find what you are looking for in your code. Developers of Kotlin tried to get rid of this disadvantage, and they did so very well

This is my first course and I have put in a lot of effort to help you make an app quickly and efficiently. You will also be satisfied with this course. If you do not like the course, remember that within 30 days you can request a full refund. I guarantee you satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding the topics covered in this course, please feel free to ask. I’m always happy to help those who want to learn.

To summarise this is what you get:

• Lifetime access to HD quality videos , quickly making an app . Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.

• Learn how to make apps using Kotlin and android studio !

• A cool project for your android development resume

• Kotlin developers will put their skills in use

Sounds great? Then start this adventure today by clicking the “Take this course” button, and join me in the only course that you will need!

Who this course is for:

  • Suited for Kotlin Developers
  • Android Development Beginners
  • Fan of Tic-Tac-Toe

Who this course is for:

  • Kotlin developers who want to make a project in android
  • Android beginners who want to build their first project
  • Students who have no projects in android till now
  • Quick learners

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Author: Ho Quang Dai

I am Ho Quang Dai, from Vietnam – A country that loves peace. I share completely free courses from major academic websites around the world. Hope to bring free knowledge to everyone who can’t afford to buy

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