Complete Battery Management System Course – Level 2



What you’ll learn

  • How a BMS protect battery pack

  • BMS interface with other system components

  • Why BMS estimate SoC and SoH

  • Cell and Battery Pack SoC

  • Cell energy and power availability computation

  • Battery Pack energy and power availability computation

  • Diagnostics report by BMS


  • Complete Battery Management System Course: Level 1

The use of green energy is becoming increasingly more important in today’s world. Therefore, electric vehicles are currently the best choice for the environment in terms of public and personal transportation. Because of its high energy and current density, lithium-ion batteries are widely used in electric vehicles. Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if they are not operated within their Safety Operation Area (SOA). Therefore, a battery management system (BMS) must be used in every lithium-ion battery, especially for those used in electric vehicles.

An electric vehicle generally contains the following major components: an electric motor, a motor controller, a traction battery, a battery management system, a plug-in charger that can be operated separately from the vehicle, a wiring system, a regenerative braking system, a vehicle body, and a frame. The battery management system is one of the most important components, especially when using lithium-ion batteries.

Battery Management System is an embedded system that ensures human safety in an Electric Vehicle. BMS not only ensures safety but also estimates the various state of health parameters of a battery pack. As the demand for Electric Vehicles is increasing so the demand for Lithium-ion batteries is increasing. Every battery pack developer needs an Engineer who can develop the required BMS.

The BMS Specialization Course has several levels which will make you a BMS Developer. The Level 2 of Complete Battery Management System Course is designed for all the students who have completed Level 1 of Complete Battery Management System Course. However, anyone who wishes to pursue a career in BMS embedded systems can pursue this course and then go back to level 1. Level 1 is the firm foundation in the battery management system. Foundation is a very important requirement later in the specialization course.

Who this course is for:

  • Electric Vehicle Enthusiast
  • Battery Pack Developer
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers
  • Anyone who is interested in Electric Vehicles
  • Specialized Course Introduction


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