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Chaos Group created V-Ray, a rendering technology (for visual imaging) (Bulgaria). In the year 2000, the first beta version of the V-Ray renderer was released.

V-Ray is available as a standalone module or as a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Rhino, TrueSpace7.5, Autodesk Maya, and Blender (by means of Standalone module).


V-Ray is a ray tracing renderer with many Global Illumination calculation algorithms:

• Irradiance Map, • Light Cache, • Photon Map (photon card), • brute force (QMC).

Different algorithms for rendering reflection and re-reflection of Global Illumination are available.

Due to its flexibility and extensive range of tools for interaction with the pipeline of various visualisation studios, whether they were animation or architectural firms, V-Ray had shown itself in many disciplines of visualisation.

V-key Ray’s advantages are as follows:

• It has many adjustable picture quality settings to generate good results in a reasonable amount of time; • It supports Distributive rendering; • It has many flexible picture quality settings to provide good results in a reasonable amount of time;

• it has in its purposeful huge and continuously increasing variety of substances that may imitate the positive houses of objects, inclusive of sub-floor scattering; • provides in 3ds Max procedural textures and utilities that facilitate paintings with scenery (e.g., v-ray multi sub texture and v-ray edges texture);

• it helps the final results of very own Render Elements (passes) for in addition meeting in compositing programs. The principal disadvantages: • the complexity of labor with Global Illumination whilst lively gadgets exist. Animated gadgets can’t be illuminated by speedy interpolation methods (which includes Light Cache, Irradiance Map), and most effective very sluggish brute pressure remains; the equal logics works whilst visualizing substances that require interpolation which includes SSS;

• extraordinarily sluggish rendering of obvious items. When implementing such items at every other, visualization slows down in lots of times; • the module V-Ray RT (Real-Time) isn’t always completed yet, so it does now no longer guide the considerable amount of most important features of V-Ray and this makes paintings with this module now no longer full.

Who this course is for:

  • This Course will Complete your 3DS MAX Software.

What you’ll learn

  • Complete Material editor
  • VRAY for 3DS MAX 2022
  • for Beginner to expert
  • Interior and exterior Lighting setup complete fundamental clear
  • VRAY Camera, VRAY Light, VRAY material


Complete Latest V-ray 2022 For 3ds Max With 20 + Experienced, Free Tutorials Download

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