Complete Weather App in SwiftUI, MVVM, Lottie Animation


Complete Weather App in SwiftUI, MVVM, Lottie Animation   Free Tutorial Download


  • Xcode Knowledge
  • Swift Knowledge
  • SwiftUI Knowledge


In this course you will learn to create complete iOS weather app from scratch. You will learn to create view layers to compose complex weather layout. You will learn to make api calls using combine and learn to observe for object changes so when async call returns result your views can be updated. You will learn to create custom view to play Lottie animation files. You will also learn about swift package manager and how to include dependencies without cocoapods use. We will create this app using MVVM design pattern so you can separate business logic from presentation logic. You will learn to use new result type for async network calls and will also learn to include your own custom error type to better represent errors occurred during your network api calls.

Here are learning objectives for the course:


Learning Objectives:

– SwiftUI

– View Composition

– Using UIKit Components in SwiftUI


– Using Combine to Publish and Observe Async Responses

– Passing Observable and Observed Objects

– Generic Network API Calls

– Use of Result Type

– Lottie Animation

– Fetching Coordinates from Address

– Swift Package Manager

– Date and Time Formatter

After completing this course you will be able to create and publish your own apps to the app store written in SwiftUI.

Who is this course for?

  • Students who wants to learn MVVM SwiftUI App Development from Start to Finish.

Complete Weather App in SwiftUI, MVVM, Lottie Animation, Free Tutorials Download


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