Cracking Coding Interviews Masterclass – C + + Data Structures



  • Very Basic Programming Knowledge


If you are Engineering College Student or Software Engineer who want to grow their career, you must be preparing for Coding Interviews at Big Tech and FAANG Companies.

If you are thinking


“how can I start Learning and Coding Data Structures”,

“Can someone teach me Data Structures in small crash course”,

“I want to learn Coding, but don’t know how can I improve”,

“I got Company Interview next week, how to quickly learn coding concepts”,

“I am confused when to use vector and when to use queue”,

“How can I reduce time complexity of my code”,

“Which Data Structure can Optimize my Code”

then this course is right place for you.

In C ++ Programming, You can use Standard Template Libraries for problems using Data Structures. Standard Template Libraries are powerful ways for implementing your logic in code. They provide very much functionality which you can use to code quickly and easily.

In this Course:

   I will teach you about Data Structures in C ++.

   I will teach you about Frequently used Data Structure Concepts

   I will teach you how to implement Standard Template Libraries in C ++

   You are learn about Time Complexities for each Data Structure

   You will learn which Data Structure should be used in which situation

You will learn about C ++ Standard Template Libraries which include Vector, Set, Map, Stack, Queue, Priority Queue.

If you are looking for crash course on Data Structures for coding interviews, take this course.

I hope you will love this course.

Ready for Journey to Dive into Coding?

Enroll now to get started to your journey for Interview Preparation

Who is this course for?

  • Engineering Students
  • Software Engineer
  • Studnets preparing to crack coding interviews.

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Author: Ho Quang Dai

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