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A husband of one wife. We are happily married. My wife is happy, and I am married. Kidding aside as a leader and a business man I take seriously my relationship with my wife. Knowing that no amount of success can compensate failure in the home. Even if our business becomes #1 but if I fail miserably at home then that cannot be counted as success.

I have taken my M.A Theological studies at Alliance Graduate School in the Philippines.


I have co-lead 5 churches in the past 10 years. I sat at the feet of excellent leaders and become a disciple of a prominent pastor in our country who is a master in biblical studies dr. Dave magalong Jr. I am also a disciple of my Indian Professor Sunil Stephens who is excellent in the field of theology, history, philosophy, and biblical studies.

I have learned from excellent business people internationally.

These people with their wisdom in leadership and wide range of expertise mold me in who I am today.

In Udemy I will be sharing my passion. The years of experience, the books that I have read and the knowledge I have received from the mentors I had.

I am a learner and upto today I keep on learning and find the best mentors in every aspects of life.

I have 4 major courses  available.

#1 related to entrepreneurship or social-preneurship or business principles I will be sharing how we earn our 7 digits income in just 2 years starting from $10 or P500.00 pesos.

#2 Binance trading bots related to crypto currency. this one I will be sharing the set up of bots how to earn $300-$1000 daily. This will be a fool proof invesment in bots with 100% win rate. purely passive income. perfect for people who have day job.

#3 Airbnb hosting. We ourselves are superhost in this field and is #1 in our location. Airbnb business is a modern way in renting your place and we mastered it for you. We are excited to share to you how we made it and the practical advices we can provide. from newbie to pro. how to be super host and earn even without a single property.

#4 Leadership. Lead with Confidence “The 10 Master key to Maximized Leadership.” which I learned from my mentors in the past and has given me the drive to be excellent. This is not from an international teachers in leadership. This is a different perspective and a full package of maximizing one’s leadership.

As a proof from a high school student who does not strive for excellence to a college who stays in A+ to Master’s degree in A+. Both in college and Master’s degree a scholar and cost my parents zero penny at all and zero educational debt.

I have started a foundation named, “Tayo’y Mag Tulungan Foundation” which means “let us help each other foundation.” supporting 16 kids primary and secondary students giving them allowance to continue their study.

Today we have our 5 businesses which all started with just $10.00. Now in our country in the Philippines we are considered as High Middle class earner having a monthly income of $2,000.00-$4,000.00 monthly income. In our money 100,000-200,000 Pesos. We have Online businesses related to VPN, Real Estate which is in Airbnb platform, crypto currency trading bots in binance.

If you want success don’t chase after it. Chase excellence and success will never leave you.

Success is just attracted on what you become.-Jim Rohn.

The principle of success and leadership are the same. so to deal with leadership is to be successful in life.

Join me in pursuing excellence whatever path you will take you will surely be successful. Either in business, religion, teaching career, managerial task, entrepreneurship, crypto trading bots.

Enroll now in my courses and do not delay. watch the free preview and enroll right now.

*Do not delay and choose a course, every second could be costing you money.*

all the best.


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Author: Ho Quang Dai

I am Ho Quang Dai, from Vietnam – A country that loves peace. I share completely free courses from major academic websites around the world. Hope to bring free knowledge to everyone who can’t afford to buy

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