Darvas Box Method & Strategy For Stocks & Financial Trading


 Darvas Box Method & Strategy For Stocks & Financial Trading  Free Tutorial Download


  • The course is for all abilities, but a prior knowledge of Technical Analysis and trading would be advantageous but not essential. You will need a Technical Analysis charting package that allows you to use Darvas Box. If you don’t have this, don’t worry we can point you in the right direction within the course (the free intro Section 1 covers this). If you just want to learn about Darvas Box for purely educational purposes and don’t want to apply it practically then you wont need a Technical Analysis charting package.


Nicolas Darvas is a little known and often forgotten trading legend from the 1950’s. He was a professional dancer turned retail trader who managed to turn $ 10,000 to $ 2 million in 18 months in the late 1950s trading US stocks using his own unique and original methods! His story is inspirational, and this course breaks down his approach to trading and builds that knowledge into useable trading strategy approaches that you could deploy today, across markets (not just stocks) and timeframes.

I use my own updated method of the Darvas approach in my trading and technical analysis, further refined using my own 25+ years successful financial markets professional experience and leading technical analysis knowledge. You will learn how to apply the ‘updated’ concept using a systematic technical analysis process as well as being able to use and enhance the learnings of this course into your own trading strategy ideas.


Darvas also taught us a lot about trading psychology, what I like to call ‘trading smart thinking’, strategy design & implementation and much more, which we will study on the course, that can also fundamentally help your trading and investing approach.

This course IS NOT a get rich quick scheme. This course is more than just trying to replicate and enhance one mans efforts to conquer Wall Street, but also an essential guide for you to how you can build and implement a trading strategy, master trading psychology and apply useful Risk & Trade management techniques. It should be thought of as a course that will aid your trading education and journey and possibly give you another set of very useful trading tools and new ideas to give you an ‘edge’ on the markets.

Also Includes:

  • 2 ‘psychology tests’ to see whether you’ve got the mental strength to be a successful trader!
  • A trading plan template for you to develop and use in your trading.

I look forward to seeing you on the course!

Who is this course for?

  • For anyone (new or experienced traders) looking to get an edge in their trading and investing by learning a unique approach to trading using the Darvas Box method

Darvas Box Method & Strategy For Stocks & Financial Trading, Free Tutorials Download


Download  Darvas Box Method & Strategy For Stocks & Financial Trading  Free

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