Data Science Project Planning


Data Science Project Planning Free Tutorial Download


  • Willingness to look beyond the technical aspects and learn about the crucial planning activities involved in a data science project.
  • Familiarity with high school level mathematics


Success of any project depends highly on how well it has been planned. Data science projects are no exception.

Large number of data science projects in industrial settings fail to meet the expectations due to lack of proper planning at their inception stage.


This course will provide an overview of core planning activities that are critical to the success of any data science project.

We will discuss the underlying concepts – Business Problem Definition; Data Science Problem Definition; Situation Assessment; Scheduling Tasks and Deliveries.

The concepts learned will help the students in:

A) Framing the business problem 

B) Getting buy-in from the stakeholders 

C) Identifying appropriate data science solution that can solve the business problem 

D) Defining success criteria and metrics to evaluate the key project deliverables viz; models, data flow pipeline and documentation.

E) Assessing the prevailing situation impacting the project. For eg availability of data and resources; risks; estimated costs and perceived benefits. 

F) Preparing delivery schedules that enable early and continuously incremental valuable actionable insights to the customers 

G) Understanding the desired team attributes and communication needs

Who is this course for?

  • Managers or Leads who are going to plan their first data science project in a real life business environment
  • Members of a data science team who want to build awareness about crucial planning activities required for making their project successful
  • Senior Executives requiring a bird’s eye view of activities involved in planning a data science project.

Data Science Project Planning, Free Tutorials Download

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