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Have you ever wondered how do Highways, Road authorities, Parking and Municipalities collect tolls automatically using digital payment tools? What is RFID tag, stickers and transponders which process the electronic toll collection? What is the meaning of congestion pricing and why it is enforced?

How is toll price calculated what are the pricing parameters? What is an interoperable payment system in the electronic toll collection system? What is the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) system in India by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and how does the transaction happens at the back end.


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Do we have an issuer,  acquirer bank, payment switch for the electronic toll collection (ETC) system, can a non-bank institution issue or participate in the electronic toll collection system. What are different fintech solutions to solve this issue, like mobile wallets, pre-paid instruments etc.

Privacy debate around electronic toll collection and how can it be solved, what are the governance pillars of the electronic toll collection.

This course answers all the above questions and many more. So if you are working in the digital payment or fintech domain or are new or planning to enter the domain, it will help you to understand the back end architecture of the electronic payment collection system.

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