Fundamentals of Fire Alarms & Conventional Fire Panel Setup


This course is for beginners mostly , independently if you are just an enthusiast or a technical person working in the different field.

We have three goals in this course:


First goal is to introduce you to the Fire Alarm Systems.

Second goal is to give you a good understanding (with technical details) how particular fire detector works. We show you how those detectors are build inside and how they detect fire.

Goal first and second are covered by first section of the course.

Third goal is to show you a working example of a conventional fire panel, showcase its functions and connections. Conventional fire alarms are widely used in small businesses and are still a big part of the market in most countries. So, if you are planning to be somehow involved in that field you should do that course.

This course is based on conventional C-TEC fire panel. One of the most popular fire alarm panels in the UK and Ireland.

Subjects covered in the course:

  • goals of fire detection,
  • how smoke detector works,
  • how heat detector works,
  • how CO2 detector works,
  • how flame detector works,
  • how manual call point works,
  • how sounders work,
  • wiring of smoke detector,
  • wiring of heat detector,
  • wiring of MCP,
  • wiring of sounders,
  • connecting batteries to fire panel,
  • connecting power to fire panel,
  • live presentation of working conventional fire panel,

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