Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Part 2


Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Part 2   Free Tutorial Download


  • None. An understanding of fluid mechanics is advised.


In this course, students will learn fundamental skills for solving a variety of heat transfer problems. This course can provide introductory or supplemental knowledge for students going through chemical engineering heat transfer classes. Being able to solve heat transfer problems is a critical skill for chemical engineers. This course will teach you how to define, analyze, and solve heat transfer problems.

We will cover the following topics:


The 3 modes of heat transfer including conduction, convection, and radiation.

Solving conduction through complex geometries such as cylinders and spheres

How to build and solve problems using thermal resistance networks. Thermal resistance networks are critical for solving complex heat transfer through multiple materials. We will cover both series and Parallel networks.

We will have an introduction to the fundamentals to solve convection problems. This lesson will cover the Nusselt number, Reynolds number, and laminar versus turbulent flow in pipes.

How to calculate the convective heat transfer coefficient to solve external forced convection problems.

We will have an introduction to the fundamentals necessary to solve internal convection problems as well. This lesson will cover the following: Idealization of velocity and temperature, hydraulic diameter and entry length of pipes, the general thermal analysis equation relating energy and mass flow rate, the difference between constant surface flux and constant surface temperature, and how to calculate the log mean temperature difference.

We will use the fundamentals learned above to solve internal forced convection problems when the flow profile is laminar or turbulent. This will involve calculating the convective heat transfer coefficient from Nusselt correlations.

Who is this course for?

  • Chemical Engineering students or anyone interested in learning Heat Transfer.

Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Part 2, Free Tutorials Download


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