HMI Panelview 800 Configuring and Programming


This course will allow students to become familiar with a Panelview human machine interface (HMI).  Student will learn how to configure, wire, and program in concert with the Micro 850 PLC.  HMIs are used in industry and manufacturing to control and monitor processes.  It gives an operator an oportunity to observe these processes, and make changes whenever necessary.  After this course the students will be able to:

1. Configure the HMI to communicate with the PLC


2. Add the necessary wiring to the HMI, both power, and communication connections

3. Design and program an input device

4. Design and program an output device

5. Install a start/stop motor control station

6. Program and connect an electrical interlock circuit for forward and reverse operation

7. Program and connect a timer to monitor time on the HMI

8. Program and connect a counter to monitor the count values on the HMI

9. Program and connect compare instructions like equal, not equal, greater than, less than, a combination of these, and minimum and maximum parameters

10. Program and connect math operations

11. Add a variety of screens when more space is needed

12. Manipulate font styles, sizes, and colors bachground colors, and minulipulate text

The students should have a background in programmable logical controllers and basic electricity.  The students should have good computer skills and know how to cut, copy, paste, etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Students in this course may be currently working in the industrial maintenance of manufacturing sector, or looking to enter such fields.

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