How to Program an Arduino for CAN bus Network Communication


Elementary understanding of the “C” programming language
Basic understanding of elementary electronics
Familiarity with the Arduino Uno prototyping system and it’s programming
Familiarity with the installation of software applications on the Windows OS platform
99% of the time, CAN bus will be implemented on embedded systems. That’s the plain reality. So if you get a job where you are working with CAN bus, you will mostly likely be programming and troubleshooting this protocol on embedded systems. This course is designed to give you your first taste as to what it is like to program an embedded system in order to create your first very own CAN bus network.

This course uses the Arduino because by far it is the most popular system of it’s kind out there. It’s very inexpensive, widely available, easy to use and there is tons of support on the web for it. It’s why I chose it for this course.


At the end of this course, I hope that you will purchase your own components and build, run and test just as is shown in the lectures. In that way, if you go to a job interview and they ask you go about building a CAN bus network, you will be able to say … “Sure, let me tell you how I did it!”

Who is this course for?
Electrical Engineers
Electrical Technicians
Electrical Tech or Engineering Students
Process Control Technicians and Engineers
Process Automation Engineers
Programmers working in the Process Automation field
Automotive Engineers
Automotive Technicians

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