How to Start Soloing on Guitar – Beginner Friendly Guide (Updated 2 – 2021)


Whether you’re a beginner, a regular performer or just looking to develop a more individual “style”, this course will provide a refreshing and engaging perspective. You’ll go beyond scales and technical wizardry into the realm of real self-expression.

  • Greek modes to improvise
  • Guitar Likcs
  • Understand guitar anatomy
  • Major and Minor scales
  • Music intervals
  • Guitar licks to build speed
  • Harmony
  • 10 famous guitar licks
  • Pentatonic scale guitar

and much more…


Meet the teacher

Gabriel Felix

*Music degree at California College of Music;

*Teaching since 2010;

*More than 4102 students at udemy;

*More than 1 million views on youtube ’’Meio Musical’’;

So if you’re ready to take your guitar solos to the next level, sign up for the course right now. Or check out the free video previews to learn more about how you can start to master the guitar TODAY.

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and teaching you the beginner steps on how to become a better guitar player.

How to Start Soloing on Guitar – Beginner Friendly Guide (Updated 2 – 2021), Free Tutorials Download

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