IAM-1 AD Basics, PKI Smart Card login & HSM


What you’ll learn

  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Basic solution in IAM
  • Microsoft ADCS
  • Smart Login


  • Basic Windows Server knowledge


This course introduces you to the primary and essential concepts for working as an IAM Expert. Identity and Access Management is how the organization secure resource access to the employees and public. It is not a single solution or product, and it is a combination of different tools, policies, and continuous tuning to achieve a secure IAM for an organization.

In this course, we begin with Microsoft Active Directory basics, and through the section, you will learn how to implement Active directory for a small organization. All the lab for this section is demonstrated in Azure, so you get more here.


In the second part of the course, you will learn Microsoft AD CS. AD CS is a Microsoft internal PKI solution with a complete set of tools to implement a Certificate service. We begin with the basics of cryptography, and you will learn about ADCS and finally implement all the features of Microsoft AD CS, including a SMART CARD login.

IAM Course PART 1: AD Basics, PKI Smart Card login & HSM

Part 1 – Section 1: Learn Basics of Active Directory – Complete Implementation in Microsoft Azure

Part 1-  Section 2: Learn Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Service – PKI Solution with Smart Card Login & HSM Demo

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to explore Identity Access Management


IAM-1 AD Basics, PKI Smart Card login & HSM, Free Tutorials Download

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