Lead and Contribute to Collaborative Meetings and Workshops


What you’ll learn

  • Develop well-formulated objectives and agendas to flush out optimal approaches, ideal participants, and preferred tools for productive workshops and meetings.
  • Create a toolkit of techniques and soft skills that foster collaborative and engaging environments for planning, preparing, and performing effective meetings.
  • Leverage modern brain science studies to help people discover and document features, functions, and requirements for future digital solutions.
  • Select the best type of collaborative get-together for achieving the defined objectives based on the organization’s culture, technology, and leadership style.
  • Prepare participants for cooperation and collaboration in facilitated User Story Workshops, 3-Amigos Conversations, and 1-on-1 requirements interviews.
  • Applying conflict resolution strategies to mitigate the threat to successful collaboration
  • Understand how the conscious and nonconscious mind play a significant role in collaborative conversations
  • Create a toolkit of specific techniques that will keep your Collaborative Conversation on-track and engaging
  • Apply several listening techniques which are the key ingredient to productive collaborations
  • Find solutions for addressing common challenges associated with virtual meetings
  • Derive the necessary deliverables or outcomes of the collaborative conversations from the meeting objective


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