Learn Basics of Complex Number from scratch!


Introducing complex Numbers for beginners.In this course you will Learn everything about Complex Numbers from scratch. Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the Importance of Complex Numbers in real world.
  • Define what is meant by Complex Numbers and Learn how to Represent Complex Numbers Graphically.
  • Understand the meaning behind imaginary Numbers and its properties .
  • Modulus of Complex Numbers and its properties.
  • Polar Form of Complex Numbers and Euler’s Formula.
  • Arguments of Complex Number and algebra of complex Numbers.
  • Problem-Solving involving Complex Numbers.
  • Algebra of Complex Numbers.
  • Understand how to do different Operations on Complex Numbers in different Forms
  • Learn the Exponential form of Complex Numbers.
  • Solve different examples concerning each of these topics.
  • You need to be familiar with set of Real Numbers and
  • be proficient to perform basic operations in indices, algebra, vectors (elementary level) and trigonometry
  • Papers and a Pencil
  • And lots of daydreaming imagination

Imagine you are living  in the 17th century. You have 7 bananas and I asked you to give me 9 bananas. How can you give ????

How can you give 9 bananas to me when you have only 7.


But, now as you are in 21st century, you can write 7 – 9 =  – 2. Simple!

What, exactly, does it mean?

How can you take  9 bananas from 7? How could you have less than nothing?

What happened?

We invented a theoretical number that had useful properties. Negatives aren’t something we can touch or hold, but they describe certain relationships well (like debt).

Imaginary Number (iota) have a similar story.

Join this course to Learn how imaginary numbers came into existence, and develop an insight of Complex Numbers.

Happy Intuitive Learning !


Who this course is for:
  • This course is also helpful All Logical thinkers, SAT, AP aspirants, students preparing for College entrance tests like JEE Mains and IIT JEE Advanced.
  • Any student willing to learn Complex Numbers from Scratch.
  • Students who are taking college-level mathematics
  • Students who are taking the IGCSE/GCE ‘A’ level Mathematics
  • Students who need a good foundation in Complex Numbers for University-level modules.
  • Any Student who wants to learn about Complex Numbers from Scratch.


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