Learn Information Gahtering , dorks and find anyone’s data


You ll learn about Information Gathering

Information Gathering means gathering different kind of information about the target. It is basically, the first step or the beginning stage of Ethical Hacking, where the penetration testers or hackers (both black hat or white hat) tries to gather all the information about the target, in order to use it for Hacking


RE techniques, also known as information gathering methods/tools, are methods used by analysts to determine the needs of customers and users. Techniques that provide safety, utility, usability, learnability etc. for stakeholders result in their cooperation, commitment and sincerity

Relatively easy and inexpensive to conduct. Can collect responses from more people than is possible with interviews. Less successful with respondents with limited literacy or motivation to respond. Low response rates, requiring multiple attempts to obtain information

In the context of cybersecurity, reconnaissance is the practice of covertly discovering and collecting information about a system. … Like many cybersecurity terms, reconnaissance derives from military language, where it refers to a mission with the goal of obtaining information from enemy territory

Why do hackers do reconnaissance?

Performing Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance is consideredthe first pre-attack phase and is a systematic attempt to locate, gather, identify, and record information about the target. … Hackers can gather information in many different ways, and the information they obtain allows them to formulate a plan of attack

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