Microsoft Excel Training for Professionals



What you’ll learn

  • Exceptional Microsoft Excel Tips for Presentation of Analysed Data

  • Quantitative Business Reporting

  • Analytics-based business decision making

  • Analytics for sales, transactional and operational business data

  • Data organising and restructuring

  • Data analysis and interpretation

  • Data entries reconciliations

  • Building senior management and executive dashboards

  • Business Trends Forecasting

  • Financial and Risk modeling in Excel


  • Be able to use basic functionalities of Microsoft Excel

This course provides a thorough grounding in Microsoft Excel. The themes covered include: Excel data structures; Cell Formatting; Excel Formulae; Excel Functions; Data Validation; Data visualisation; Data analysis; Data presentation; VBA programming, etc. The skills learnt in this course can be applied in the following ways: Data collection, consolidation and storage; Business data validation; Data organising and restructuring; Data analysis and interpretation; Data visualisations; Data entries reconciliations; Business budgeting; Building dashboards; Business Operations Reporting; Management Accounting Models; Management Reporting; Financial reporting; Forecasting; Financial modeling; Risk modeling; Product costing models; Project management; Task automation, etc.

This training is designed for professionals and aspiring professionals. It has been compressed to ensure completion within the shortest possible time. The training however remain comprehensive because it combines lecture, handholding and practical application. Participants are allowed to bring the data which they work with on a daily basis and relevant practical analysis will be done on their data. The training aims to churn out a complete Microsoft Excel expert who is able to put to practise the vast techniques covered in this program. Up and above that, the training is designed to kindle participants into the unlimited functionalities of Microsoft Excel.

Everyone who uses Microsoft Excel in their day-to-day work should attend this training. The list includes, but is not limited to: Reconciliation officers; Sales reporting personnel; Payments and settlement officers; Finance officers and managers; Financial controllers; Accountants; Credit monitoring officers; Credit controllers; Risk analysts & managers; Quantitative Data Analysts; Project analysts & managers; Research and Development Analysts; Quantitative Risk Analysts; Data Scientists; Database administrators; etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Quantitative Data Analysts
  • Risk analysts & managers
  • Payments and settlement officers
  • Finance officers and managers
  • Financial controllers
  • Accountants
  • Credit monitoring officers
  • Credit controllers
  • Sales reporting personnel
  • Reconciliation officers
  • Project analysts & managers
  • Research and Development Analysts
  • Quantitative Risk Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Database administrators
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Charts


  • Data Tables, Pivot Tables, Slicers and Filters in Microsoft Excel.


Simbarashe Mhoka is a Data Scientist who believes in the progressive use and application of data analysis techniques. He is currently serving in the capacity of Chief Data Scientist for both Preside Advisory and Amavash Applications. At Preside he majors on Risk Advisory largely for financial institutions while driving the data analytics trainings at Amavash. He has conducted Microsoft Excel Training for over 50 industry professionals and academics via online platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Simbarashe upholds conscientiousness in his delivery approaches. His desire to make professionals perform better makes him stop at nothing except the best work output.

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