Online Japanese JLPT N1 Comprehensive Exercise


The “Online Japanese JLPT N1 Comprehensive Exercise” is an explanation video for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N2.

What you’ll learn

  • Find your weak points on the N1 level of Japanese.

  • Help you get used to the question formats and time distributions of JLPT N1.

  • Give a solid boost to your scoring potential by practicing the exam many times

  • Understand knowledge which is directly connected to the exam.


  • Master N1 level Japanese language (the Online Japanese N1 Course is available for study)

  • Print the question sheet before watching the video. Check your answers according the correct answer sheet and listening script after the listening part.

  • The video question files are only available online.

  • The learner is given a set amount of time to think in the video, but if there isn’t enough time to think, please pause the video.

The “Online Japanese JLPT N1 Comprehensive Exercise” is an explanation video for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1. The exercise is the exact same format as the official JLPT N1 so that learners are able to practice and test their Japanese ability while learning useful points for the answers. You will learn every section of JLPT “Language Knowledge(Vocabulary・Grammar)・Reading “, and “Listening” through videos and a question sheet. Besides the learning video, it also includes a question sheet, a listening script, and a correct answer sheet. All the narration has Japanese subtitles with it.

These exam materials are useful for advancing your proficiency in Japanese language study and acquiring the proper qualifications of JLPT N1.

This course’s teaching materials can be used for: Beginners wanting to study general Japanese and those taking the JLPT N1.

Our Online Japanese Course are aimed for all foreign people who want to learn Japanese. It is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. You can learn and practice all four skills of the Japanese language — speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Also, the Japanese courses are divided according to the levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, so you can use the proper materials to prepare for the test.

There are 7 courses – Beginner Course, Kanji Course, N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1.

Who this course is for:

  • Learners whose native language is not Japanese(Essentials)
  • Learners who mastered advanced Japanese ability.(Essentials)
  • Learners who want to take the JLPT N1
  • Students enrolled in a Japanese language school or majoring in Japanese in college
  • International students coming to Japan
  • Foreign employees of a Japanese company who need Japanese language training


Online Japanese JLPT N1 Comprehensive Exercise, Free Tutorials Download

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