OpenStack and NFV (TelcoCloud)



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This course contains theory & practice for all the components of OpenStack & that too in the context of a telco cloud i.e. in the context of NFV.


The main challenge in learning OpenStack is to get a lab for practice. In this course, we will learn how to build our own lab of OpenStack on Google cloud for free, so that you have a lab to practice even after the completion of the course. However, this lab is not the exact replica of a production-grade data center. Around 80% of tasks can be performed here as compared to the actual environment.

The course has been designed considering the daily job of a Telco cloud operations engineer but, anyone who is interested to understand Telco cloud or Openstack, in general, can benefit from this course. It contains core concepts of NFV, VNF, ETSI/MANO, SDN & the overall cloudification of the core network & RAN.

We will create flavors, images, VMs & VNFs during the course so that, you get a real-time experience of the technology.

Course contents-

  • Module-1 Virtualization & Cloud computing
  • Module-2 Public & Private cloud
  • Module-3 Telco cloud infrastructure
  • Module-4 OpenStack components
  • Module-5 Setup GCP account
  • Module-6 Basic Linux practice
  • Module-7 Openstack Connectivity, node types & documentation
  • Module-8 Building OpenStack lab on GCP
  • Module-9 Exploring the CLI & GUI in OpenStack
  • Module-10 Creating virtual machines & related components
  • Module-11 User & Projects management
  • Module-12 VM migration & evacuation
  • Module-13 OpenStack networking
  • Module-14 NFV & ETSI MANO
  • Module-15 Traffic flows
  • Module-16 Software-defined networking (SDN)

Course exclusions (not included in the course) –

  • Vendor-specific OpenStack customization
  • VNF lifecycle management
  • Ceph Storage
  • Scale-out/in (addition/deletion) of a compute server
  • Integration of OpenStack with any external tool or API

Who this course is for:

  • Any Telecom Engineer who wants to shift his career from Legacy to Cloud – System integrators, RAN engineers, Core network, Packet core , RF , Maintenence (O&M), Transmission, Configuration, Network
  • Sales people – Sales engineers, Pre-sales enginners, Solution engineers
  • Managers – Project managers, Product managers, Incident & Problem managers
  • Budding TelcoCloud enthusiasts who aspires to be a – Solution architect, Solution designer, Cloud engineer, Cloud integrator, etc
  • Any managment executive who wants to understand NFV & OpenStack

What you’ll learn

  • Excellent Hands-On experience on all the OpenStack & NFV components. Build your own lab (for free) & create VMs & VNFs
  • Completely understand the purpose of Virtualization & Cloud computing & also understand why Openstack is essential for mobile operators.
  • Excellent understanding & decoupling of TelcoCloud components. Journey of a legacy Telco node from a proprietory machine to a Virtual network function (VNF).
  • Capacity planning for cloud infrastructure, Deep dive in Openstack networking concepts, Basic linux hands-on
  • ETSI – MANO, NFV & SDN concepts


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Author: Ho Quang Dai

I am Ho Quang Dai, from Vietnam – A country that loves peace. I share completely free courses from major academic websites around the world. Hope to bring free knowledge to everyone who can’t afford to buy

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