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One of the difficult parts of Parenting is to deal with Children’s behavioral issues. And the way by which these issues are handled has a direct impact on the quality of the relationship between a Parent and a Child. This course provides a simple, powerful and practical 5 step process to effectively deal with Children’s behavioral issues and to build an amazing relationship with them.

Jaleesh Rahman, a Life Coach, an Entrepreneur and a Corporate Trainer, is a father of 4 children between the age group of 1 and 17 years. He has experience in dealing with a variety of Child Behavioral Issues. Like any other parent on this planet, he had also struggled in the past in dealing with these kinds of issues. He took action by learning Parenting Techniques and has been implementing them successfully in his own life.


Based on his learnings and experiences for several years, he has come up with a 5 step process – called E-5 technique to build Strong Relationships with Kids. This course is unique as it is predominantly based on his own life incidents. He has trained over 500 parents so far from different walks of life. One can master this E-5 technique easily and quickly implement it to see the results. Ultimately this creates a profound relationship between Parents and Children filled with Joy and Happiness.

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What do others say about this course?

Dear Jaleesh Rahman,

It was my immense pleasure to be a part of your online live session on Parenting on 04.10.2020.

Though it was a short duration, I have received a message on parenting for a lifetime.

You hooked me completely throughout the hour, and to hear about your personal story just flowing from your heart.

Your connect with us through your smile and the tense emotions were very powerful and the content you delivered which is so much valuable, and what could be fuel for transformation in a relationship.

I wish you all the best, to make the relationships better with your smile and your powerful message.

Best regards,

Raja N

Business Owner | Radical Technologies

Founder | Infuse Hot Runner Systems

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“Hi Jaleesh,

The webinar on “Five steps to build a strong relationship with your kids” was indeed an eye-opener for me. Although I am not yet a parent, yet I have learned the lessons to implement in my life to become a better parent. Your presentation style was simple yet so involving and impressive. I must thank you for all the valuable inputs you have provided. Wish to hear and learn more from you in the near future.

Best regards,

Debraj Sarkar

IT Consultant “

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“Dear Jaleesh, 

Hope this finds you in good spirits and health.

I write this letter to express my sincere feedback on your session conducted online on 4th October 2020 on the topic, 5 STEPS TO BUILD A STRONG RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR KIDS     

The message you tried to convey to the participants was very clear and highly impactful.

During the training, when you were narrating the incident with your elder Daughter, I was very much connected with you and I remembered one such incident, I faced with my daughter and I believe others also would have experienced the same.

You kept us so engaging throughout the session with stories, personal experiences, and activities and we didn’t feel the passing of time.

I sincerely feel recommending your program to my Friends, colleagues and relatives who are facing the challenge of upbringing their children, especially adolescence children. 

If I am to rate your performance on a scale of 1 to 5, I would give 5 as my rating, since you have given me a direction and a formula to handle my teenaged daughter.

At this juncture, I thank you from the core of my heart, for inviting me to your program and enlightening me on Parenting.

I wish you all the best and success in all your future endeavors.

Warm regards,


MSc Yoga & Naturopathy

Min of AYUSH Certified Yoga Teacher

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” I had the good fortune of attending Jaleesh’s session and I strongly recommend all of you to attend as well. I am sure you will immensely benefit.

I will give you 3 reasons to back my recommendation:

1. Takeaways : Very effective yet practical & simple to implement.

2. Connect : Jaleesh could hold my attention all through the session through his impactful presentation. The main reason why this was possible was that he helped me relate and mentally visualize my own life experiences.

3. Passion : The presentation came straight from his heart, having himself faced the same challenges & triumphs in his own life. The key takeaways were a by-product of his own story. His presentation clearly demonstrated his expertise with dealing with such situations. Also important to note is that the presentation content was simple and easy to read and understand.

I have no hesitation in giving a 5 rating.

I wish Jaleesh all the very best and look forward to attending more of such impactful sessions.


IT. Asish Datta, Vice President (Operations & Finance)


Congruent Info-Tech “

Who is this course for?

  • Existing Parents
  • Expecting Parents
  • Single Parent
  • Students doing research on Parenting
  • Child Caretakers
  • Anyone thriving to build a wonderful, strong Relationship with Kids.

Parenting – 5 Steps to Build Strong Relationships with Kids, Free Tutorials Download


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