Physics 100 – Mastering Kinematics


What you’ll learn

  • They will learn how to solve any one and two dimensional kinematics problem
  • Feel comfortable using kinematics equations and solving graphical problems
  • Develop a strategy to solve kinematic problems
  • Learn how to solve relative motion problems such as river crossing problems


  • Basic Algebra and some basic calculus


This course covers all of  one and two dimensional kinematics and sets the foundation for other topics.   The class is perfect for high school (honors and AP students), college and university students taking an introductory physics class.    Students will learn to analyze the motion of an object using equations and graphs.    I will teach you how to approach problems and help you develop your own problem solving strategies to become a better problem solver.

1) Introduction

  • Scientific Notation
  • Converting Units
  • Problem solving using dimensional analysis
  • Prefixes
  • Example problems for each topic.

2)  One-Dimensional (1D) Kinematics

  • Understanding the difference between displacement and distance traveled
  • Average velocity vs instantaneous velocity
  • Average acceleration vs instantaneous acceleration
  • Motion with constant acceleration:  The BIG 5 kinematic equations
  • Solving problems using kinematic equations
  • Using graphs to solve problems
  • Free Fall
  • Understanding gravity
  • Interpreting graphs (position vs time, velocity vs time and acceleration vs time)
  • Calculating velocity from position vs time graphs
  • Calculating acceleration from velocity vs time graphs
  • Calculating displacement from velocity graphs
  • Calculating velocity from acceleration graphs.
  • +30 fully explained problems

3) Two Dimensional (2D) Kinematics

  • Learn how to apply kinematic the equations to analyze 2-dimensional motion
  • Analyze the motion of horizontally launched objects
  • Able to analyze the motion of a projectile launched at an arbitrary angle
  • Calculating the range of projectile, maximum height, and time of flight
  • 10 fully explained problems and solutions

4) Relative Motion in 1D and 2D

  • Definition of relative velocity
  • Learn how to find the relative velocities of objects relative to different objects
  • 1D Relative motion problems:   objects moving on airport walkways
  • 2D Relative motion problems:   problems dealing with river crossing.

If at any point you don’t understand something in my videos please feel free to reach out.  I’m always willing to help someone learn.  Physics Ninja always has your back!

If you have a topic that is missing from this course just email me and i’ll add it to the curriculum.

Happy Learning

Dr. E., Physics Ninja and Expert Physics and Math Teacher.


Who this course is for:

  • First Year Physics and Engineering Students and AP Physics students
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to solve kinematic problems
  • Students preparing for finals or MCAT exam.


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Author: Ho Quang Dai

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