React Native Learn By Doing Movies App [2021]



  • Internet Connection
  • Windows or Mac OS machine


React Native is growing at a fast pace, while more and more companies of any size are adopting it to build cross platform applications with a single code base.

In this course we aim to teach React Native flow and its secrets by building a real world project where we aim to have a solid foundation into React Native framework as well React Hooks and Functional Components.


You will build a mobile application targeted for both iOS and Android environment while you learn the responsiveness of the style, navigation between screens and get and manage data from an external API.

In this course you will learn:

– Set up your machine environment for React Native CLI development

– Build cross platform applications with React Native CLI

– Navigate between screens

– Navigate to screens dynamically

– Use of The Movie Database API

– Add custom styles

– Component base development

– React Hooks

– Functional Components

– Get Movies by genre

– Lists

– Search Movie Method

– Image Galleries

– Video Player and its commands

After this course you will be able to:

– Set up the system correctly

– Manage Errors a Debug React Native CLI applications

– Build applications from scratch

– Understand good architecture flow for an application

– Get data from the server using Axios

– Handle Data

– Display and render custom Lists

– Implement search methods

– Add external packages

– Tap in the native code of a iOS and Android application

We can’t wait to have you in board with us.

See you there!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in React Native
  • Experienced Developers that want to develop their knowledge by learning React Native

What you’ll learn

  • React Native CLI
  • Build Cross Platform Mobile Applications
  • React methodology
  • Get and manage data from external API
  • Build a fully working iOS and Android Application
  • Use external packages like Video Player


React Native Learn By Doing Movies App [2021], Free Tutorials Download

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Author: Ho Quang Dai

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