Scalping Dow Jones 30 (DJI30) course – Live Trading Sessions


You don’t have to work on Wall Street to make a fortune on the stock market. Isaac Asimov has successfully traded gold, oil and US stocks for over 14 years. He’s built his career developing smart, simple methods for anyone to get rich.

Isaac’s last course on scalping the S&P 500 raised many questions, so we’ve tailored a new strategy based on trading the Dow Jones.


This is one of the safest ways to build wealth — perhaps double your investments — in under three months.

Low-frequency trading is a simple strategy : make fewer trades at exactly the right moment. You don’t need to watch the market like a hawk. You can successfully trade just a few hours a week.

Fewer trades mean fewer chances for mistakes and less money lost to transaction fees and taxes. Every time you buy or sell, you give money to brokers and governments.

Isaac will help you succeed in the stock market and still have time for your family, yourself, and to plan future actions.

In this course, Isaac will break down his method of trading the Dow Jones on a real account, trade-by-trade, so you can easily replicate his success.

Scalping Dow Jones 30 (DJI30) course – Live Trading Sessions

I will share with you a very profitable strategy based on two indicators, Vwap and Volume , and I will explain the strategy point by point to give you a clear insight about how to enter and how to close each trade.

Before starting this course I checked the internet about trading strategies, and I found many expert shares old strategies and those strategies are note any more valid because the conditions of market when those strategy was effective are changed.

Let me give you an example , a strategy based on intersection between moving averages applied on Forex (GBP/USD) in 2000 was effective , the same strategy is note effective in 2021 because the dynamic of the market changed and 90% of big trading portfolios are managed by robot , the same about markets some time a strategy is effective in Gold but worthless in Forex , the example of that in my last course about Gold , the strategy shared in that course is a profitable strategy in DJI30 but in Gold it’s not a profitable strategy .

The strategy I will share with you in this course is a very profitable strategy, needs a lot of practice to master it, in this course we will apply this strategy on one chart the Dow Jones 30 (DJI30) and I will share with you more information , why this strategy is suitable to DJI30 and how to ovoid fake breakout when using this strategy on real trading sessions.

Who this course is for:

  • Trader who lost money in trading
  • Students who want to become traders
  • Beginner Trader

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