Shadow Analysis of Solar Plant in Google Sketch Up (RCC)


Welcome to the course ” Shadow Analysis of Solar Plant in Google Sketch Up (RCC)”. This course is design for the those who wants to learn the 3D modelling and shadow analysis of solar power plant in Google Sketch up, for the students who wants to endeavour their knowledge in rooftop solar power plant designing for their projects, for the solar technician who wants to know optimum power generation from the solar power plant, for the job seekers who wants to get jobs in solar industry, for the entrepreneur who wants to make career in solar energy. In this course we will learn various interesting topics like:

1] Introduction to Commands of Google Sketch Up


•Setting The Units and Importing Toolbars

•Introduction to Line, Rectangle and Circle Command

•Pull/Push Command and Offset Command

•Move and Scale Command

•Rotate and Protector Command

•Guideline and Dimension Command

•Paint Bucket and Image Texturing

2] Introduction to Various Toolbar in Google Sketch Up

•Introduction to View Toolbar

•Importing the Location of Site in Google Sketch up

3] Construction of RCC Structure in 3D

•Site Survey and Drawing Preparation

•Construction of RCC Structure in 3D

4] Construction of Module Mounting Structure

•Construction of Foundation

•Construction of Long and Short Column

•Construction of Rafters

•Construction of Purlin

•Construction Back Support

5] Construction of Solar Panel, Solar String and Solar Array

•Construction of Solar Panel Setting Tilt angle and Orientation

•Placing the Solar Panel Over Module Mounting Structure

•Construction of Solar Array

6] Shadow Analysis of Solar Power Plant in Google Sketch up

•Shadow Analysis in Google Sketch up

•Making of Animation of Shadow Analysis and Exporting the Video

Welcome to the Course……

Who this course is for:

  • All Those who wants to learn

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