Software Defined Radio and Signal Processing with GNU Radio


Software Defined Radio and Signal Processing with GNU Radio Free Tutorial Download


Hi everyone !

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a highly uncommon and less-discussed subject in the Engineering/Technology background. But it’s a well-known subject among Radio Engineers/Researchers. This is nothing but simply learning how to program an embedded system to perform radio communications. Doing radio communications by yourself sitting in front of your computer ?! How cool is that?


Developing SDR programs requires knowledge in Radio Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Signal Security and Graphical Block Programming. Are you a beginner in these areas? Or are you lacking knowledge in any of the above-mentioned areas? Don’t worry, this lecture series will start from scratch and take you through a step by step guide to grasp the fundamentals of the ‘Software Defined Radio’ solidly!

This course offers 5 sections to cover the major components of ‘Software Defined Radio’ environment. Additionally, a step by step guide on installing the required software for this course is included. From below, you will find a brief explanation to each of these sections of the course.

Section I : Introduction to the world of ‘Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Covers theoretical background on working principles of Software Defined Radio (SDR) process,  radio communications , Digital Signal Processing (DSP), signals modulation,  frequency allocations, complete hardware analysis of SDR Hardware devices and includes a full guide on using HackRF hardware and configuring it on Windows OS.

Section II: Graphical Block-Based Programming in GNU Radio Companion

Create basic Software Defined Radio programs in GNU radio programs using graphical radio flow-graphs as a preparation for the advanced SDR program development in the next chapters of the course.

Section III: Software Defined Radio Development : FM Radio Receiver Communication

Create SDR programs to implement single and multi FM radio receiver communications on SDR hardware. This will automatically enable you to gain the full confidence of creating your own advanced SDR program for a full operating ‘Radio Station’ in the GNU radio companion environment.

Section IV : Signal Tracking and Transmission (Playback) in Software Defined Radio

You will learn how to track, record and playback a signal coming out of a wireless remote key in this section. This is a crucial part for Signal Security and Ethical Hacking related to wireless signal systems. (Wireless key signal hacking, Drone signal hacking) This covers the signal security background for you to become aware of the potential threats and signal hacking to any of the radio communications involved in your day to day tasks.

Section V : HDSDR Software Defined Radio Environment

Learn to perform Software Defined Radio functions in the HDSDR software environment and understand the performance variation under different environmental conditions.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who’s curious to develop real time Software Defined Radio (SDR) programs
  • Anyone who’s curious on implementing real world ‘Digital Signal Processing (DSP)’ applications
  • Professionals and Researchers involved in Information/Signal Security
  • Radio Networks enthusiasts and beginner GNU radio companion learners
  • Graphical Block-Based Programming learners.

Software Defined Radio and Signal Processing with GNU Radio, Free Tutorials Download


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