Starting Food Delivery – As a Restaurant or Takeaway


What you’ll learn

  • How to develop their menu to increase Order Values & Spend per head
  • How to effectively manage their delivery areas
  • How to calculate their forecasted P&L and see if the venture if viable
  • How to efficiently use the 3rd party platforms


  • Nothing required, experience within the food industry is always beneficial, but not essential.


Food delivery is very different to offering a dine in experience. Your food products face much tougher challenges, many external factors and competition come into play. In this course we address the common challenges and decision points when starting a food delivery service.

We walk though the process start to finish and provide resources to help you forecast the finances of your business and justify it’s viability. We look at how to can use offers in a smart way to increase sales as well as the efficiency of your business. How you can develop your menu to increase your average order values and how to best make use of the 3rd Parties: Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo and how to best pan your delivery area to ensure the best balance between the level of service and the volume of orders your business can handle.


We also look into what are virtual brands, and look at how you could utilise these to increase the revenue within your business.

Our team all have a wealth of experience working within the industry for the past 10 years and are on hand to help guide you through any challenges you may face within your new service / venture.

Who this course is for:

  • Restaurant Managers, Restaurant Owners, Those looking to open a food delivery business, Takeaway Owners, Business Owners


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