Tableau Desktop – Speed & Performance Optimization



  • This course is compatible with both Tableau Public (free) or Tableau Desktop (paid)
  • Prior experience with Tableau Desktop is strongly encouraged


If you’re looking to improve the speed and performance of your Tableau Desktop dashboards, this is the course for you.

In this course, you’ll be playing the role of a Business Intelligence Analyst at Bike Maven, a bicycle sharing company based in New York City. You’ve inherited a Tableau dashboard containing 3 years of accident data, but it’s so slow that it’s practically unusable. Your mission? Use the optimization tools and techniques covered in this course to make the dashboard fast, scalable, and user-friendly.


We’ll start by reviewing Tableau’s performance evaluation tools, then dive into four key optimization areas, including data designfilterscalculations, and layouts & visuals:

  • Course Project & Setup
    • Introduce the course project, set expectations, and install Tableau Desktop
  • Performance Evaluation
    • Review performance expectations, internal vs. external factors, and performance recording tools
  • Data Design
    • Optimize data models, define aggregations, and leverage Tableau extracts
  • Filter Optimization
    • Apply workbook & sheet-level filters, choose efficient filter types, and utilize filter alternatives
  • Calculation Optimization
    • Choose best-fit functions, use efficient syntax, and limit complex blends
  • Layout & Visuals
    • Create performant visuals, limit mark counts, and optimize dashboard sizing
  • Tableau Server & Online
    • Review performance factors outside of local Tableau Desktop dashboards

During the course you’ll learn how to record and interpret query performance, understand exactly how Tableau processing and rendering actually works, and review common event types and their impact on speed and usability. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of various data modeling techniques and connection types, share best practices for filter optimization, introduce pro tips to help you write efficient calculations, and review key data visualization and dashboard design principles.

We’ll practice applying these techniques to our Bike Maven dashboard, and track our performance improvements each step of the way. Whether you’re a casual user, aspiring analyst, or data science professional, this course will give you the tools you need to become an absolute Tableau ROCKSTAR — guaranteed!

Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:

  • 3+ hours of high-quality video
  • 50+ page Tableau Speed & Performance ebook
  • Downloadable Tableau project files & solutions
  • Homework assignments & quizzes
  • Course Q&A forum
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

See you in the course!

-Dustin (Featured Tableau Author & Lead Tableau Instructor, Maven Analytics)


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Who this course is for:

  • Analysts or BI professionals looking to build fast, high-performance dashboards
  • Tableau Desktop users who want to optimize the speed and performance of existing workbooks
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in data analysis, data visualization or business intelligence
  • Students who want a comprehensive, engaging, and highly interactive approach to training

What you’ll learn

  • Build fast, scalable, and user-friendly dashboards with Tableau Desktop
  • Optimize data sources, calculations, filters and visuals to create high-performance workbooks
  • Master the same tools & techniques used by business intelligence analysts and data scientists
  • Showcase your Tableau Desktop skills with unique, hands-on course projects
  • Learn from a best-selling instructor and award-winning Tableau developer


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