The Python Bootcamp For Beginners – Build Real World Projects


Udemy – The Python Bootcamp For Beginners – Build Real World Projects Free Tutorial Download


  • Variables, Functions, If statements
  • Understand how to run Python code on your computer
  • Already installed Python on your computer


What is this course about?

Feel the real power of Python and programming! The course offers you a unique approach of learning how to code by solving real world problems. Throughout the course we will be understanding how to identify and formulate the problems, what is the key to a great app, we will learn how to efficiently adopt the problem for the computer and the most important that you will be writing a lot of code! The course is structured in a way that lectures are like labs where we study the material, do the quizzes, write programs and test them! The most important that you will be involved into work a lot in order to get the best experience!


Technical background

You will understand how Python can be used to solve problems from different fields, including mathematics, cryptography, guess-n-check algorithms and more! You don’t need to be familiar with concepts we will be solving, however the basic understanding of programming is needed, only the basics , like variables, if statements, loops and functions.

Who is this course for?

  • Students having a little programming experience (variables, if statements, functions)
  • Basic understanding of Python syntax.

The Python Bootcamp For Beginners – Build Real World Projects, Free Tutorials Download

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Author: Ho Quang Dai

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