The Sutra of Amitabha Buddha – The Pure Land Practice



In this course, we read and analyze the entire Buddha text, The Sutra on Amitabha Buddha, while explaining the underlying meanings and context surrounding the teaching.

This is one of the most popular Buddhist texts and is one of the central texts for the Pure Land school.


The Pure Land Practice is about reciting the Buddha’s name, Amitabha or Amitayus, in the hope to achieve rebirth in the Western Pure Land of Utmost Bliss. It is said to be the simplest practice in Buddhism to attain the highest supreme Enlightenment of Buddhahood.

However, despite its simplicity, a practitioner must still have a strong understanding of the Sutra as well as a deep faith in the teaching and practice in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a Pure Land rebirth.

The course consists of 4 sections: The introduction, the background of the sutra, the reading and analysis of the sutra, and finally the summary of the practice.

By structuring the course like such, we allow one to not only understand the teaching by reading it first hand, but we also provide deep insight into the context, underlying meaning as well as practical steps in incorporating the Pure Land practice into an easy-to-understand practice.

Best wishes and hope you enjoy the course.


Byron Li.

Who this course is for:

  • Buddhist Practitioners
  • Zen Students
  • Dharma listeners

What you’ll learn

  • Buddhist Teachings
  • Meditation Practice
  • Buddha Dharma
  • Self Actualization


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