Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics



Learn more about Virtual Private Networks. Protect your privacy online, create a secure tunnel, and learn how to configure a router to support a secure VPN tunnel. Even though this course is still for beginners, you will get a chance to see a lot of interesting labs and real-world examples: L2TP IPsec, SSL, and OpenVPN. We will even try to flash a router using DD-WRT. A lot of really cool examples and labs.

Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics:

  • Labs and real-world examples
  • OpenVPN (on a router and as a virtual machine)
  • VPN examples: NAS, routers, firewalls, UTMs, PPTP, L2TP IPsec, SSL, OpenVPN
  • NordVPN on a router to protect your privacy online automatically
  • Troubleshooting a VPN server
  • Deeper understanding of protocols: hashes, digital signatures, and more
  • IPsec in depth (still for beginners!)
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Port forwarding allowing you to enable VPN services
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • A lot of labs and demos

This is a very hands-on course with multiple labs and demos. You will see routers, software VPN, network attach storage devices, virtual machines, and more. This is still for beginners but covers more topics and takes things a bit deeper in configurations and options. You will see e.g. OpenVPN in action on a brand new router.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in VPNs

What you’ll learn

  • Configure PPTP, IPsec, and SSL VPNs
  • Deploy an OpenVPN server
  • Configure a NAS device for VPNs
  • Configure a router to support VPNs
  • Protect your privacy online with a router
  • Understand how IPsec works
  • Create a basic site-to-site VPN tunnel
  • Have a better understanding of VPN protocols


Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics, Free Tutorials Download

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