Voice & Speech for Parkinson’s. Speak Steady Communication


Speak Steady for Parkinson’s is a targeted program to enhance communication with training in speech, voice, and breath support for speech. People with Parkinson’s have reported significant impact of communication on quality of life, with increasing difficulty in conversations with family and friends, effective speaking on the phone, maintaining social relationships, and discussing medical information with healthcare providers. Effective communication is possible with simple, basic techniques to enhance speech, optimize vocal loudness, and improve breath support in everyday situations. This program is delivered by Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Jessica Ackerman MSCCC-SLP, who is also a Registered Yoga Teacher. Jessica blends her 20 years of experience in voice and speech therapy for Parkinson’s Disease, including LSVT LOUD, with a Breath-Based Yoga practice, to optimize communication and quality of life.

The Speak Steady program aims to maximize vocal loudness, breath support for speech, and intelligibility of speech that so often impact communication effectiveness of people with Parkinson’s Disease. This course gives provides the foundation of effective techniques, and then focuses on synchronizing basic gentle movements with breath and  with speech (matching a movement to an inhale or exhale, and a movement to sound or word). Movements and poses can be achieved in a chair, wheelchair, recliner, standing, or yoga mat.


Within this construct, Jessica incorporates voice techniques for increasing loudness and precise articulation. The deliberate focus of this program is an effective complement to any movement-based programs, with neuromuscular training for positive outcomes in increased vocal loudness, breath support for speech, endurance, balance, and maximizing functional movement.

Communication is Life. The impact of diminished verbal expression cannot be underestimated. There are effective ways to improve communication, conversation, and socialization. This movement-voice-breath-based program, Speak Steady, sees each individual as a whole person, with the objective of maximizing overall quality of life.

This course is for people with Parkinson’s, family and friends, caregivers, health care providers, therapists, physicians, and anyone who wants to understand the practical techniques for effective communication, specific to Parkinson’s.

Get Loud. Feel Good. Speak Steady. Are you with me?


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