Warehouse Management in Logistics & Supply Chain Management



  • Anyone can take this course (no prior knowledge of finance or Warehouse is required)! I recommend having pen and paper if you complete the course you will have a very good idea about Warehouse Management.


Warehouse Management in Logistics & Supply Chain Management course, you will learn some of the key skills required to be a successful Warehouse Management professional in Logistics and Supply Chain . You will learn about warehouse management principles, important warehouse processes and common trends in logistics and supply chain management. As well as learning about automation and warehouse management technology, you will also learn about outsourcing. This warehouse management system course will prepare you to successfully manage your own warehouse. So if you work in logistics and supply chain industry this course will be a boon. As the instructor has used infographics to boost the your imagination and it will help you understand better.

With growth of ecommerce the demand for logistics and supply chain has grown tremendously and to move your goods safely you need a safe warehouse management solution which will give a boost to your overall demand and supply.


Modules in this course

1) What is a Warehousing and Warehouse Management ?

2)Warehouse Inventory Management in Supply Chain.

3)Choosing a warehouse location.

4)Types of warehouses

5)Value added services in a warehouse management

6)Functions of warehouse management

7)Understanding the warehouse layout

8)The storage area in warehouse

9)Material handling equipment’s

10)Warehouse equipment’s

____Warehouse process____

11)Receiving stage

12)Put away process

13)Goods picking

14)Packaging process

15)The Shipping and Logistics process

____Warehouse process____

16)Types of loading dock in warehouse

17)Automations in warehouse

18) Kpi’s in warehouse

19)Warehouse Management safety measures

Who this course is for:

  • Supply Chain Professional, International Business, Inventory and Warehouse Professionals

What you’ll learn

  • The role of the warehouse
  • Types of warehouse operation
  • Warehouse location
  • Specialized warehousing
  • Warehouse processes: receiving and put-away
  • Warehouse processes: pick preparation
  • Picking strategies and equipment
  • Storage equipment in warehouse
  • Order-picking methods
  • Warehouse processes from replenishment to despatch and beyond
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Warehouse layout
  • Storage and handling equipment
  • Outsourcing a warehouse
  • Performance management
  • Inventory classification


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