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  • No experience necessary, but you should have access to at least a simple text editor and preferably also Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Bridge (optional).
  • Free 30-day trials of Adobe Software can be found at adobe


Are you ready to get a FULL web design foundation and overview (the equivalent of 13 power-packed smaller courses) all in one concise bundle from an artist and professor teaching web design since 2002 to hundreds of happy University students?

Use these bite-sized lessons to make your own website from scratch or learn how to manage a website that someone else created for you.


Worried that you are too late to get started or there is too much you don’t know? Online tools, software programs, coding languages, and methods change or come and go, but a good web design foundation will stay with you no matter which direction you go in or which tools you ultimately use.

This course will teach you best practice web design fundamentals that NEVER change (the way software programs change) along with several current and easy methods for creating beautiful websites. Learn at your own pace and in the order you choose. Web Snax is one giant, delicious resource that you can come back to again and again.

What Students Are Saying:
 This is probably to date one of the best courses that I have taken here at Udemy. Kristen is an excellent instructor and is very helpful as you move forward. I would recommend this course to anyone that is even thinking about learning web design. Kristen is Amazing. Thanks!” -Shawn G. Miller


Most of my past and current students are artists, designers, and technophobes who now never have to pay anyone else to make their own websites, saving themselves thousands per year.

Many have also gone on to start their own web design businesses or joined companies as well-paid web designers and content managers. If they can do it, so can you.

This fun and easy to follow course was originally created for my Web Graphics, Coding, and Site Design Students from The American University of Rome to use as a resource at the end of our busy semester and beyond. It’s now open to the public, is constantly being updated, and has received glowing reviews from students all over the world.

In Web Snax, I draw upon my experience teaching web design on four continents to students from all walks of life and can show you how to create and manage your own website regardless of your personal software/hardware set up, resources, and budget.

New lessons are continuously added, making this the most comprehensive online web design course available and the best choice for right-brained, visual learners who are often intimidated by technology, software, and the like and prefer to be taught in plain language from a fellow creative.

I’m a practicing award-winning multimedia artist and a former tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media and Program Director of Film & Digital Media at The American University of Rome (2006-2016). I’m currently a Visiting Associate Professor of Digital Media at the brand new American University of Myanmar in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

I have run my own charitable website, Aura’s House that has raised over $125K for needy children in developing countries around the world. I also manage my own online portfolio, and have personally worked on the official website for multi-platinum, award-winning rock band, The B-52’s and designed and/or contributed to websites for clients and non-profit organizations.

Since 2000 I’ve been teaching students all over the world using my tried and true custom approach (turning complex information into something simple, memorable, easy-to-understand in as short amount of time as possible) to ensure that you get the most important, relevant, and useful information that can be applied immediately.

This course teaches you THIRTEEN (*It’s a lucky number in Italy 🙂 ) important essentials of web design, leaving you empowered to go in any direction you choose in the field.

  1. The Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design and Best Practices.
  2. Content Management and Planning an Effective Website.
  3. Web Graphics and Media Creation Essentials.
  4. How HTML works and an introduction to coding.
  5. How CSS works.
  6. Making websites from scratch using Dreamweaver.
  7. How to upload to and download from the internet using an FTP program.
  8. How to get a high quality web host and domain name.
  9. Adding dynamic features to a website using J-Query assets, Javascript, and code created by programmers.
  10. Migrating to a Content Management System. Create/manage a WordPress hosted site and set up pages, posts, themes, widgets, plugins, etc.
  11. (*NEW) A Step-by-Step Demonstration of giving your website a complete makeover using the WordPress Elegant Theme, Divi 3.0.
  12. (*NEW) Diagnose, tune-up, and supercharge your website so it performs better, generating more clicks, engagement, followers, subscribers, and sales 24 hours a day while you are off doing other things. All students in this course get access to my follow-up course, WordPress Website Challenge: Easy Ways to Boost Impact FREE.
  13. (*NEW) Make web design easy. Create a beautiful, professional Wix website in about 1 hour using Wix’s powerful free tools. All students in this course get access to my newest and easiest web design course to date: Wix: Make a Quick and Easy Professional Website for Free

This course will show you what to do and why to do it so you will understand the material easily and can apply it no matter what you decide to do next; as a content manager for your organization’s website, a web designer for yourself or others, or as a key member of a company’s full web team, etc.

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked so you have nothing to lose. I make myself available so you will have access to me if you have questions or need feedback along the way.

Please Note: Students enrolled in ANY of my courses periodically receive freebies and discounts to my other top-rated current and upcoming courses as well.

Are you ready to get started right away saving yourself money on web design fees and even making new income setting up websites for others? Let’s go!

Click the “Take This Course” button in the upper right corner of this page to enroll now. I look forward to working together with you so you can empower yourself to achieve your web design goals.

Who this course is for:

  • Artists, dreamers, and visual learners who are tired of paying other people to make websites for them.
  • Complete beginners who have a slight fear of computers and technology.
  • Web design novices who already may have had some training and want to fill in some gaps or learn something new.
  • Left-brained programmer types (I admire you all SO much!) who want to learn more about design and more right-brained visual strategies to complement your technical skills and daring-do.
  • Novice to Intermediate Web Designers looking for more intuitive ways of accomplishing common web tasks, without all the technical jargon and assumptions about your coding capabilities.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a solid web design foundation that will provide many options for moving forward as a paid web designer or content manager.
  • Recognize major Web Design Do’s and Don’ts and be able to apply these principles to any existing and new websites.
  • Know the easiest and most intuitive best-practices strategies for creating websites and all the extras.
  • Create websites from scratch using simple code in a text editor. Use your knowledge of HTML to expand your control of blogs, online forums, and in WordPress hosted sites.
  • Discover effective web graphics creation best practices and strategies in Photoshop.
  • Build a website from scratch in Adobe Dreamweaver CC.
  • Add powerful dynamic features to your website by tapping into the power of left-brained programming dynamos and their pre-written scripts you can add to your website for free.
  • Know how to move forward to set up a domain, web host, and WordPress hosted website.
  • Build a beautiful WordPress hosted website right from the ground up, import your content from other blogs and sites, and maximize your impact.
  • Easily give your website a complete makeover using the WordPress Elegant Theme, Divi.
  • Diagnose, tune-up, and supercharge your website so it performs better, generating more clicks, engagement, followers, subscribers, and sales 24 hours a day while you are off doing other things.
  • Use the course as your personal go-to guide and reference manual for all apsects of web site creation.
  • Learn the easiest and least expensive way to make a professional-looking website by using the top-rated online tool, Wix


Web Snax – Super Simple Recipes for Easy Web Design, Free Tutorials Download

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Author: Ho Quang Dai

I am Ho Quang Dai, from Vietnam – A country that loves peace. I share completely free courses from major academic websites around the world. Hope to bring free knowledge to everyone who can’t afford to buy

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