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An important, useful and interesting course relevant for today’s modern world where both men and women are working. This course is very helpful especially for working women which teaches everyone how to balance both professional and personal life. After reading this course Employees have a sense of purpose and meaning in their job when it is in balance with their personal life, Employees with work-life balance are interested in their work, Employees with work-life balance believe in the organization, Employees with work-life balance tend to grow within the organization.

Apart from the above points, readers can learn about:-


Effects of Poor Work-Life Balance on Employees

Relation between Work-Life Balance & Stress

Various Work-Life Balance Options.

Work-Life Balance motivates the employees and enhances the quality of their work and personal life. It increases their on-the-job productivity and motivates them to perform better. Altering their job functions and duties to ensure they get work-life balance makes employees more comfortable and adds to their satisfaction level. Organization’s efforts motivates them to work harder and give their best output. Offering work-life balance options allows employees to do what they are good at and feel valued which creates a sense of belongingness in them towards the organization. Offering work-life balance options plays an important role in creating a right person-job fit while harnessing the full potential of employees by keeping them happy.

The course begins with an interesting introduction part which emphasizes the importance of learning this course. There are couple of interesting real life examples which can be implemented in day to day life. There are several multiple choice questions and glossary section, case studies to recap what you have learnt.

Who this course is for:

  • Employees
  • Organization / Employer
  • Working women
  • Human Resource people
  • Management Staff

What you’ll learn

  • Explain the Importance of Work-Life Balance
  • List the Benefits of Work-Life Balance to Employees
  • List the Benefits of Work-Life Balance for Organization
  • Explain Effects of Poor Work-Life Balance on Employees
  • Describe Relation between Work-Life Balance & Stress
  • Explain Outline for Work-Life Balance Planning
  • Describe Approaches to Work-Life Balance Planning
  • Explain Process of Work-Life Balance
  • Explain Steps of Work-Life Balance Planning
  • List the Factors Considered for Work-Life Balance Options
  • Explain Various Work-Life Balance Options
  • Explain Strategies to Improve Work-Life Balance
  • Describe Manager’s Role in Work-Life Balance Management
  • Describe Challenges of Work-Life Balance Planning
  • List the Tips for Work-Life Balance Planning


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