Unity Shadergraph for Beginners



What you’ll learn

  • How to User Unity’s Shadergraph to create numerous shaders


  • A Computer with Unity 2019.4 or Unity 2020 Version installed

This Course is broken Down into 8 Sections. We first begin with a brief Introduction to Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP) with an overview of Shader Graph. Next, we create a Unity project with the URP Template and use this as a building block to learn more about unity’s shader types. After a quick review on the types of shaders and understanding the basics of Shadergraph and exploring the user interface we move on to create our first graph which is a TV Flicker effect. The next few sections focus on creating various shaders which include a cartoon style water shader, Vortex Shader, a Dissolve shader, light flicker effect and more. We Finally wrap up the course with a mini project where we create an electric shader for a game asset. The course is created for a beginner audience new to unity so its slow paced but packed with useful tips on how to use the engine. See you in the Course.

Who this course is for:

  • Hobbyists and Beginners who want to understand Shadergraph from the Ground Up
  • Downloading and Installing Unity


  • Course Materials And Files


  • Creating a URP project from Scratch


  • Quick Review on Unity’s Shaders


Digital/Traditional Artist/Programmer

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Learning never stops. and that is my motto. i am a strong believer in self motivation and development. this has pushed me to learn new ideas and concepts and fate has pushed me to explore the realm of Art. As a child, i had always loved painting and sketching. so as life began to play catch up. i refused to give up and this has made me become a better artist. overcoming fear and living life to its fullest can really bring out the best in anyone. i studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Maiduguri and have a Masters in Environmental Engineering From Cranfield University Bedfordshire.

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