Unity2D C# 2021


Hi! I’m Andrea 🙂

I have a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics and I’m passionate about Science and Game Development.

I’m currently an Indie Game Developer/Programmer/Mathematics and Statistics teacher.

I discovered my passion for game development as I was starting to create my own games. Being first a student eager to know and learn more about this field, I became eventually a teacher as I was helping others with their projects by applying everything I had learned.

I love sports, I play Ultimate Frisbee, drawing and also playing many board games such as Avalon, Codenames and Dixit, some of my favourites.

I also love nature. Nature is the driving force and the inspiration behind my courses, my games and my drawings.

I hope you enjoy my projects and all the work and passion I put into them!

Unity2D C# 2021, Free Tutorials Download

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