Use VirtualBox Create Local Development Environment for PHP


For PHP developers who want to understand how the server works.

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PHP tutorials on the market usually do not include a complete development environment build, but only use software like XAMPP or WAMP to develop PHP. PHP learners will not understand how each software works, and there will be differences with the actual operating environment. Perhaps the program developed locally did not encounter problems, but after uploading it to the server, it encountered problems. Because of the different environment, the program has different results.

The software presented in this course is suitable for PHP developers. In this course, you will learn to build your own development server with free operating system and server software to make the development environment more similar to the real server environment and reduce the incompatibility of future programs when they are online.

In addition, by learning to install the server software locally, you will also be able to build a web server in a formal environment, because the method I’ve taught you is the one that is used by web servers in general.

Or if you want to learn LNMP (Linux + Nginx + MySQL + PHP) from scratch, this course is for you too.

In addition to setting up the environment, the course also contains my own tips for local development, which I share with you in the course.

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Who this course is for:

  • PHP beginner
  • DevOps beginner

I am Wayne, a web backend engineer, specializing in the development of environment builds, from project inception to launch.

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