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Following a user-centered design technique puts you more in touch with your users’ true needs, which helps you develop solutions that really work for your intended audience. The approaches described in this course help development teams pool their diverse perspectives and collaborate to understand how to turn thoughts, feelings, frustrations, and desires of users into the design for a product.

Join Chris Nodder as he provides a road map to his series, UX Design Techniques. Each technique in this series builds on the data and output from the previous techniques. The user data from observations is used to identify user pain points and create personas. The pain points and personas are used during the ideation phase to create multiple possible solutions. Scenarios and storyboards take these multiple possible solutions and narrow them down to a working set, from which you build a paper prototype that you can usability test with some more representative users. At any point, you can follow the trail all the way back to data you gathered from your initial observations.

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  • Chris Nodder Helping people find their way in User Experience — LinkedIn Learning instructor & UX consultant

    Chris Nodder is a user researcher, UX fiend, interaction design specialist, and author of Evil by Design.

    Chris is a user researcher and interaction design specialist. He is the founder of Chris Nodder Consulting LLC, an agile user experience company that helps large organizations and lean startups build products that users love. He was previously a director at Nielsen Norman Group and a senior user researcher at Microsoft. He has an M.S. in human computer interaction and a B.S. in psychology.

    Chris enjoys spreading the word about user-centered design. Aside from his work coaching Fortune 500 clients, he has presented on user experience topics at conferences all over the world. He writes about agile user experience research and design techniques at QuestionableMethods.com and is the author of Evil By Design, a book that describes the persuasive techniques that companies use to draw us in. He encourages you to participate at its accompanying web site, evilbydesign.info.

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