VBA Selenium Web Scraping Part 1 – 2

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  • You should have good understanding of VBA for next Loops and good understanding of IF functions.


In this Part1 you shall learn below written things. Please go through them.

  • We are going to learn Webscraping using google chrome and it will be done using selenium library.
  • Learn how to download selenium and browser drivers to first initially do the setup.
  • How work with attributes like name, id using findelement methods.
  • How to work with tags like A tag and its attribute href to click on the links.
  • How to use class attribute and is it a good approach to use class attribute.
  • how to work with Xpath to insert the data into textboxes and click on search buttons. Not just use but understand the structure of Xpath as well.
  • Learn how we can change the xpath elements by their indexes.
  • How to work with header tags like h1 or h2 or h3 using normal way and using xpath.
  • How to run the collection loops and why we need it and when we can avoid using collection loops.
  • What is difference between Web-element and Webelements and why we use set word for collection elements and not for single object.
  • How to click on links on webpage using link -text and partial link text property. Based on this knowledge one mini project -how to load website by default on current date.
  • How to scrape tables and its rows and rows data values and table headers.
  • Collection loops design and execution from very start while working with tables.
  • Do you like to export all tables in a website or do you want to scrape one specific table only, How to reach out to specific index of a table then.
  • How to scrape specific rows inside one specific table . Know your “tr’ tags.
  • How to scrape all data insider rows or just one specific data value using td tag. Its awesome when you have so much control.
  • How to export tables with out running collection loops and what is the difference between direct export and export using loops. You must know.
  • How to work with li tags inside unordered and ordered lists.
  • Know how to insert a value in drop down or combo-boxes .
  • How to select items in list box with single select property or multi select property.
  • Learn to select or de-select listbox options using collection loops or without the loops.
  • How to alter the collection elements by referring to one object and second inside the first one and so on.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are Business analyst and want to learn how to scrape websites using chrome or other major browsers.
  • If you like to export website tables into excel. If you like to click on website links or fill up a form or download the files etc.

What you’ll learn

  • Welcome in Part1 of this VBA Selenium course. Please note what we are covering in this part1
  • How to use Selenium library inside Excel VBA Editor to scrape websites which supports major browsers like chrome, mozilla, firefox , edge etc.
  • We are using chrome browser in this series to scrape website elements but you will know how to use other browsers as well.
  • How to download selenium library and what is the procedure to download browser webdrivers
  • How to navigate websites using chrome browsers
  • Learn how to use attributes ID & name or classes to enter a value in search box or text boxes.
  • Which attribute should you use and why. How to use find function on website for manual search and why it is important to be familiar with this method.
  • How to click the buttons using attributes like id, name , classname
  • How to work with tags like A tags and their attribute href.
  • Also, learn how to use html in notepad and create webpages. It will help you in visualizing the things.
  • Know how tables are designed on websites and how we can export every table in one go. Know table tags
  • Know table rows tags and how to work with every or one specific rows and export whatever you need.
  • Know table headers and table data tags like th and td. Learn how to locate specific td tag
  • What are collection loops used to scrape tables OR how to scrape one specific table only.
  • What if user wants to see data for few clients only out of 1000s rows. How to control these tables from excel where user enters the names.
  • What is the fundamental difference between web element and its collection elements.
  • Why and where we need SET Keyword and where to avoid it. Proper explanation given.
  • Using send keys and enter if search button is unable to search data for you.
  • How to use Header or Rows count property in code to handle them together. Its an amazing approach.
  • How to use Xpath to enter keywords in input boxes and how we can click on search buttons using xpath
  • How to read Xpath DOM structure, A proper explanation is given.
  • How to use Xpath to scrape tables.
  • How to work with tags like headers – H1,H2,H3 on individual levels and using Xpath method and its benefits.
  • How to understand VBA Errors if they pop up on screen instead going on google.
  • How to work with listbox with single property or multiple property.
  • How to work with drop down using index, text and values property.
  • Your questions and projects also discussed. Go inside one page drop down and then inside second one.



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