VBScripting Fundamentals Free Download
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VBScripting Fundamentals   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Create VB Scripts
  • Create Conditional Statements
  • Create Loops
  • Create reusable VB functions.
  • Learn to work with Drives, Folders and Drives using File System Object (FSO).
  • Learn to work with Excel Object Model


  • This is a fundamental course with no special requirements to start the course.
  • Basic understanding of internet and software would help.

VBScript is an Active Scripting language developed by Microsoft. VB scripting allows users to automate tasks in a Windows environment. The concepts from this course not only benefits regular users (wanting to experiment), but also QTP/UFT professionals. Without any question, VB Scripting enables QA Engineers to move their efficiency to a NEXT LEVEL. VB Scripting is heavily used in QTP/UFT environment. In addition, System Administrators use VB Scripting to automate system administrator tasks daily.

The Sample Scripts included helps students to learn quickly, and experiment by modifying them.

The course is well organized with High Quality Videos, and sample scripts!!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to automate tasks using VB Scripting in a windows environment


Download  VBScripting Fundamentals  Free

Go to Download Tutorials Page

Password : freetuts.download

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