Victoria Sarquisse – TangoFlex Method Free Download
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Victoria Sarquisse – TangoFlex Method, FreeTuts Download

Victoria Sarquisse – TangoFlex Method   Free Tutorial Download

I started Tangoflex when I saw the feet stretches in Instagram (VictoriaTangoflex) and in the
Tangoflex page in Facebook. I have flat feet and could never find stretches that I really like, that
would help release the tension in my feet and lower leg, and that made my feet feel happy.
Those stretches felt amazing on my feet and my toes. I decided to buy the DVD to get deeper
into the Tangoflex Method. As a former swimmer (that was a long time ago..), and a mom of two
I have learned a great deal from Tangoflex. I have gone through the entire program (there are 2
DVD’s inside the box). And what I love about it and my recommendations are:
– Watch the Introduction that is in the DVD#1. The introduction taught me how to perform the
stretches, the technique applied to the stretches and the science of the method. The
introduction is very clear. The instructor is excellent and her verbal cues are precise and well
timed. Her voice is calm and relaxed and, unlike some stretching/yoga dvds, you can tell she
is speaking from long experience–this is not something she studied a little bit and then
decided to make into a production. As a former Computer Animation teacher I like to pay
attention first to explanation and perform them after.
– The 10 minute Balance routine felt amazing!! It taught me how to evenly distribute the weight
of my body to my feet, so I can release muscular tension I accumulate during the day. It
really taught me how to relax my feet and lower leg muscles to compensate for the lack of
foot arch.
– The 15 minute Core routine feels amazing and really relaxes my lower back better than any
chiropractor. It feels like an amazing massage on my back. I love this routine!
– The 50 minute routine (dvd#1) is challenging, however it has a pop-up screen with an easier
exercise variation, so it is perfect for beginners as well as more advanced flexible people. At
first it seemed hard to me, but it gets easier and easier every time I follow this routine.
– Body Alignment: After the 5 minute and 10 minute Balance routine I feel ‘aligned’, my back
feels healthier and elongated!
– I really like the music. It is calm and makes me forget (for at least a few moments) about
stressful situations and focus deeply into my body.
After doing any of the routines this DVD offers I felt muscles I did not even know I had! At the
same time, it feels like my body needs the stretches now. It needs the stretches and
combinations as they are performed and taught in this method because the stretches are all
connected. In Tangoflex everything has an order and a “flow” from one stretch to the next. I
feel my posture has improved, my range of motion has increased and I don’t spend money in
doctors anymore. Now I know what I need to do to feel amazing. This in a way feels like a
massage from the inside out! After I finish the routines I feel I am lighter, taller, I feel I am gliding
instead of walking. I highly recommend Tangoflex to anyone who wants to increase their
flexibility, work on their posture, body alignment, balance, releasing back pain, all through
relaxation and breathing.
Tangoflex made me look at my body and learn from my body in a way I did not know I could.

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