Video2brain Getting Started with PHP Free Download
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Video2brain Getting Started with PHP, FreeTuts Download

Video2brain Getting Started with PHP, FreeTuts Download

Video2brain Getting Started with PHP – PHP Tutorial: Get Started with PHP

PHP is a language that has one of the widest spectrums of users today: on the one end beginners who want to put a couple lines of dynamic content into their web sites, and on the other hand teams of enterprise developers who run high-traffic internet e-commerce systems. PHP is also the language behind some of the web’s most useful and game-changing software, such as WordPress. In this workshop, professional developer Edward Tanguay will show programmers how to get started with PHP. You’ll learn how to install PHP on your computer with XAMPP and how to install and use the free and popular Eclipse editor. Then you’ll learn the basics of the PHP language and how to use your PHP skills to create web site forms, which will put you well on your way to building functional and interactive web sites with PHP. (Note: This title was originally published as part of Edward´s “PHP 5.3: Advanced Web Programming” course.)

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Video2brain Getting Started with PHP, FreeTuts Download

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Manufacturer: Video2Brain
language of instruction: English
Lecturer: Edward Tanguay
Level: Introductory
Training time: 3 hours + rs 15 minutes in
File size: 319.66 MB

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