Vim Masterclass

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Vim Masterclass – Mastering Wim

When you start the course, you’ll be able to use vim almost immediately. I want to make sure you get up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why at the beginning of the course you will learn how to start vim, how to make simple edits, and how to save your changes.

After that, we’ll build on your knowledge and even get some really advanced techniques like editing multiple files at once, creating macros, making global substitutions in many files at the same time, ways to format and normalize data, how to ” think in vim “, and much more.

Having taught thousands of students over the years, I know people learn best by doing. That’s why I’ve packed this course with tons of practice exercises. For each exercise you, get detailed, step-by-step instructions. I encourage you to try the labs on your own first. Then I walk through the exercise while you look over my shoulder.

Not only do you learn the concepts, you’ll watch me demonstrate how to put those concepts to good use, and you will practice those new skills instantly so you really understand and preserve what you’re learning.

This course is ideal for anyone who works on the command line often. Whether you’re a system administrator, a developer, a database administrator, or anyone else who has to edit files in a command line environment, this course is for you.

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Manufacturer: Yudomi / Udemy
Language: English
Moderator: Jason Cannon
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary
Time of training: 6 hours + 27 minutes
File Size: 723 MB

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